Tired of burnt pizza? Say hello to Dragon, a name synonymous with power and precision. We’re here to revolutionize the world of pizza ovens and put an end to your baking woes. Dragon is not just an oven, it’s a promise of quality, productivity, and exceptional baking.


Why Choose Dragon?

Dragon is built for heavy-duty use and high productivity, making it a reliable partner that works tirelessly, 24/7. With its premium components and robust construction, it empowers operators of all skill levels to produce consistently baked products with perfect flavor and texture. Say goodbye to burnt crusts and hello to perfect pizzas every time.



About we Oven

The Dragon Promise

Dragon is more than an oven – it’s a unique solution filled with advanced technologies designed to simplify your daily work and maximize profitability. All critical components are proudly made in the USA.

Innovation at its Best - The ADPV System

Our Automatic Detection Power Value (ADPV) system ensures the right amount of power is delivered at the right time. This industrial-grade controller continuously senses your productivity level and adjusts the power to guarantee the perfect cooking temperature. Plus, it saves energy during low productivity periods by automatically switching to low-power mode. No more overcooked or undercooked pizzas!

Unmatched Heat Control

Dragon’s 3-zone heat control allows you to set two different temperatures on the top and one on the bottom cooking surfaces, ensuring perfect results and maximum precision for products requiring different baking temperatures. Now you can bake your pizza to perfection, every single time.

The Power of Dragon Stone

Experience the magic of Dragon Stone. It absorbs the humidity of the dough for a lasting crispiness. Bake any product directly on the stones without using trays, grids, or pans. Thanks to its unique proprietary composition, it reduces cooking times by up to 50%* compared to traditional refractory stones. Say goodbye to soggy bases and hello to crispy crusts!

Industrial Grade In/Out Feeding Belts

Our full stainless-steel microfine belts are designed to handle highly hydrated dough. Plus, they stay cool to the touch for safe user operation. The in-feeding belt gently eases the product onto the heated Dragon stones, while the out-feeding table is horizontal for easy and safe handling. No more dough sticking to the belt!

Join the Dragon era and experience the revolution in pizza baking. Dragon Pizza Oven – a new era for conveyor ovens! Say goodbye to all your pizza-baking problems and welcome to a world of perfect pizzas, every time. 

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